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Monday, December 05, 2005

My worst call so far

Wow, that was a big mistake and I paid for it!

Shortstacked in a tournament I am waiting for a good all-in opportunity before I get blinded away.
Wham, there it is: QQ :-))

I go all-in and get called by two others. Well, that was at least a good timing for all-in. I was called by AKo and JJ.
Flop is xxK - oh my god :-(( ... turn is a Q :-)) ... and river is blank. Tripled up!

Two hands later I get KK. My stack is too big for an all-in so I make a pot size bet after several called a bet. It's folded around to one caller.
Flop is xxA and the other guy goes all-in.

What the hell am I thinking that he would have, how could I ever call that bet. Of course he had A6s and there was no help on the turn and the river.
But even if he was just bluffing ... after my pot-size bet I still would have had 2/3 of my stack. It was a big mistake from him to call my bet pre-flop. But my mistake was far worse. This time I really deserved it to get eliminated from the tournament.


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