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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mixed feelings

Tonight I played two tournaments. One was a life tournament and the other an online satellite at FullTilt. The live one was another tournament of the "Bavarian Playerscup" which offers the winners an entry into a big tournament that will be held in fall this year in Salzburg. You may remember that I was freerolling on that one due to my final table during my first try to qualify for that event. This time they had 120 Players (12 tables) and the location was really nice. The Schrannenhalle (sorry only a german link) is in the center of Munich and was perfect for railbirds to watch.

I was satisfied with my game in general but wasn't able to get much forward. After about 2 hours (30 min. blindlevels) I was just up about 1,000 from the original starting stack of 5,000. As we reached the 400/800 level it was time for a move. I received AK in the big blind. The small blind just called (as two others had been done) and I went all-in. The other two folded but the small blind called me with 77. No further help and out at 57th position. I don't think there was much I could have done different so I went home knowing that I still had an interesting evening in a nice location. Most probably I will try this tournament again when they are back to this location.

Back home I played another qualifier for the FTOPS IV. This time it was for the 6-max event so the $8.80 satellite that had 59 players was 6-max, too. You may already guess it because of the title: I made it to the final table, I made it to the money ... but I missed one of the two seats again. I went out on third with the amazing win of $26 for almost three hours of play.

So that's why I called this post "mixed feelings". I played well. I had fun. I'm sure the FTOPS satellites are beatable. But I didn't achieve goals that are achievable. Time to go to bed!


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