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Monday, August 06, 2007

International Poker Open in Dublin (PF=33.90)

There are ideas that are worth to be supported and I think this could be one of them.

The International Poker Open in Dublin (IPO) aims to get 800 to 1,000 participants to become the largest tournament ever in Europe. They hope to reach this goal by having a quite small buy-in of €125+25. But the real catch is that you get a super-deep-stack structure with 10,000 startingchips and 40 min. levels.

I know, Dublin is not around the corner. But if you can catch a cheap flight this might be still cheaper than the usual €500+ buy-in that is somewhat standard for good structures like this. If you are in the reach of Frankfurt/Hahn you may get to Dublin via Ryanair for as low as €40 (including taxes).

If they really get 1,000 people the first prize should be around €30,000 with most probably 10% of the people in the money. And beside a great tournament you may get a nice weekend in Dublin. Oh, and the location of the tournament (the Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge) is the same place were the EPT takes part about 3 weeks later.

There's one thing that is somewhat unusual: You can only buy-in online via Mermaid-Poker and you need an account there. Winnings will be paid into your online account. Personally I don't have concerns with that as securing that all buy-ins are prepaid and having a good sponsor is of vital interest for the organiser.

For more informations about the tournament you can look here at Poker Ireland. If you have questions regarding the tournament just contact Stephen McLean. A good discussion about everything around the IPO can be found at this Irish Discussion Board and at the Hendon Mob Forum.

All I've heard and read so far sounds like a real good deal and I will be there.

Of course I will be more than happy if you sign up to Mermaid through my link ;-))


C4Queen & TT 6:11 PM  

Nice to see its up and working so quick! Also thanks for the publicity your giving IPO, it will be a great tourney sure of it.

Anna Colley
Team Mermaidpoker

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