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Monday, December 17, 2007

Computer Problems (almost no poker content)

During my stay in Schenefeld my mail- and webserver crashed. I went into a dispute with my provider as there had been many problems before and they don't seem to care much about it. This time it was even worse as due to some mail-forwarding from my current project the emails went into a loop and I had to deal with a real huge number of trash mails.

I finally decided that this situation is absolute unaccaptable and quit the service with them. Unfortunately the domain transfer will take some time. So don't wonder that my homepage fifthstreet.biz isn't currently reachable (at least not at this address). But I created a workaround and you can use this link to Shadow's homepage.

I had to change my email too. You can find the correct one on the left. If you have sent me an email to my fifthstreet address between last Thursday and today please resend it to the new address as I most probably haven't received it.

I'm really happy that my blog is hosted externally and is not affected at all by this problems.

While having some time before my flight back to Munich I planned my next tournament and it looks like I will make it to the monthly deepstack at the Concord Card Casino in Vienna on January 5th. Still hoping for going to Tunica or Bahamas in mid January but if not I will play two or three events in Seefeld during the "Poker Winter Challenge".

And don't forget the last tournament of the poker-tester series at PokerStars tonight. If you're one the leaderboard it's your last chance to qualify for the big finale!


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