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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Staking for the WSOP 2008

I went to visit the World Series of Poker for the last two years but never played one of the WSOP events so far. But this year I have the strong intention to play one of the $1,500 Events. Due to the low exchange rate, buying into an event is now cheaper than ever. Although I decided that my bankroll allows me to play this game I am more than interested to leave myself some more liquidity while in Vegas. Therefore I am offering shares for those who think that I may be a good investment.

The game in question is Event #9 on June 05th which is a shorthandend (6-max) tournament. I'm really looking forward to this as I like to play shorthanded tournaments very much.

I'm offering a total of 20 shares [closed] which will be worth 2.5% each. Each share will cost €50 or $75 (this values remain fix until the event regardless of the exchange rate). So it's up to you if you prefer to pay in Euro (german bankaccount, Moneybookers, Paypal) or US-Dollar (Neteller, PokerStars account). Payouts will be done in the currency of your payment to the processor of your payment according to the exchange rate on June 11th (the day I come back home).

For those interested in 10 or more shares I have a special offer:
Beside this WSOP event I plan to play several other tournaments. So far the plan is to play 5-7 tournaments of the "Caesar's Mega Stack Series" a deep-stack series with buy-ins from $235 to $550 (PF=23 to 33). Those who buy at least 10 shares get an additional share of 3% of my highest ITM finish (moneywise) in a non WSOP event during my week in Vegas.

Although my plans are fixed (flight and hotel are booked) there may be reasons that force me to cancel my plans to play Event #9. In that case you get your money refunded and I add 0,125% (per share) of my total net winnings during that trip to the money refunded.

There is no guarantee that I will win any money! Poker is a mathematical game but there's also luck involved. Therefore you can lose what you have invested. What will be a possible win? Last years winner Jason Warner left 1.426 players behind and won $481,698. In this case each share would have been worth more than $12,000.


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