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Friday, May 15, 2009

Some random stuff

Not much has happend in the last weeks so this is just a little wrap up and some funny stuff to read.

Of course I now get more and more excited about my upcoming Vegas trip. All is set and booked. The plans for my tournaments are made and staking offers are set up on CmU ;-))

In addition I am now officially approved to get media credentials for the WSOP during my stay. Not sure what kind of stories I will/can deliver but I try to do my best to find some good stuff. This will be especially interesting for my readers who can read german as I will write some stuff for Pokerfirma.de.

Last night I really owned our homegame. Took out the first guy after three hands and then all of the others except of two. Of course I won that tournament ;-) Sure it's helpful to get good hands and in addition hit on the flop heavily. In the second tournament my cards weren't that good anymore but still good enough to make second here. Nice addition to my Vegas bankroll ... thanks guys!

You may remember that I talked about Twitter and twittering poker pros not long ago. Twitter still rocks and more and more join Twitterverse. One of the newest additions is @DocPoker (Michael Keiner) who hasn't twittered yet but will do during the WSOP.

Like a funny Twitter story? O.K here it is! This one has happend just a few minutes ago between @allenkessler (Allen Kessler) who is playing in a tournament and @savagepoker (Matt Savage) who is the tournament director in that event:

@allenkessler on Thu 14 May 23:53
What was @savagepoker thinking when he scheduled both 8 or better tourneys on the same day a few hours apart?

@savagepoker on Fri 15 May 00:07
@allenkessler I was hoping you bust out so you can play them both!

shortly after:

@allenkessler on Fri 15 May 00:24
@savagepoker why are tourneys set up to give more play in nolimit than limit events...

@savagepoker on Fri 15 May 00:30
@allenkessler why don't you walk 50 feet over here and ask me :-)

@allenkessler on Fri 15 May 00:33
@savagepoker afraid to miss a hand

...this is more entertaining then any live reporting can be! Unfortunately the twitter rules at the WSOP are more strict but you can still expect many interesting and funny stories in the Twitterverse during the WSOP.


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