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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My coming events in summer and early fall

It's some time since the last update so here comes a little wrap up and a list of my coming events for the next months.

Hadn't played much since Salzburg but last weekend I went back to Ceska Kubice in the Czech Republic. The Casino Savoy now has a weekly €50+7 DeepStack tournament. Well, personally I wouldn't call it "DeepStack" as it has a PF=12.56. But still for that buy-in it is a very good structure (and has a lot of weak players).

I started off very well by doubling up with AA vs. QQ but again lacked playable cards in the middle section of the tournament. Finally my chips went in with JJ and I was called by A9c on a two clubs flop. Of course a club hit on the river. :-(

So I went on with my cashgame experiment and again left with a nice €186 win at €1/2 after 4 hours. Most remarkable hands: Getting QQ and KK in a row and hitting my set both times on the turn. Got a decent payout on both hands. Another huge hand was QQ vs TT with Full House over Full House.

Looks like I'm still running better in cash then in tournaments. But I love playing tournaments so much more. Let's see how this develops in the future...

On July 18th I will travel to the Czech Republic again. The Kings Pokerroom in Rozvadov now offers a PF=18.67 two-day DeepStack event. Again this is a weekly tournament during the summer.

Mid of August I finally will be able to play the Pokertour.at again (LM Kärnten). Had to miss some events due to other appointments. End of August will see a trip to Nottingham for the APAT World Amateur Poker Championship at the Dusk Till Dawn. The Pokertour.at has a close stop in early September in Innsbruck. Of course a thing I don't want to miss.

And then there is October and I am really happy that this years International Poker Open in Dublin doesn't conflict with my other appointments. Was really sad that I had to miss this great event last year. I was able to catch a flight for this with Ryanair from Memmingen for just €18! Adding another €40 for the train ticket makes it still less than €60 for a return flight to Dublin. Wow! I expect my gas bill to Rozvadov next week will be about the same amount ;-)

It's a kind of tradition that the german speaking people who travel to the IPO make a little meet-up before the event. This year we will meet in a pub in the center of Dublin on Thursday Oct. 15th at 7pm. So if you play that event too please contact me and I will give you the exact location.

So as you can see there is a lot of poker planned already. And there are several other plans that are not fixed at this time. I will let you know a soon as I know more ;-)

Promise that the next blog entry will be much more interesting ... just trying to keep the tension up with that one. Next destination: Rozvadov, Czech Republic and another one of the deepstacks I love so much!


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