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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Deepstack and the search for a new home

Just a week after the Dublin event there was the next Deepstack tournament around the corner. This time at the Poker Royale in Kufstein. 10k startchips and 40 min. levels allowed for a lot of play but again I didn't get many playable hands. It's really jinxed! At least I got a lot more playing time then usually as I busted out at around 2am in the night with 27 of 99 left on day 1A.

Unfortunately the main reason was that I gave a number of bad suckouts this time. I really can't tell how often I was all-in very short and survived. At my lowest point I was down to 2k. I killed KK, QQ and hands like AQ with Q8s. But you can't survive forever if you have to rely on suckouts all the time.

Finally our table was broken and I was still short with 12k (average was 33k) but now had some fold equity. At least that's what I thought. But my 12k all-in at 500/1,000 (100) with 99 wasn't even worth thinking about for a big stack who called with KJo immediately. A nine on the flop made me my set and gave my opponent two hearts. Another heart on the turn gave him the draw and finally a fourth heart on the river ended my tournament.

I really can't complain after surviving with so many suckouts but at least I didn't bust anybody due to that ;-) But nevertheless I enjoyed the tournament because our startingtable had some nice people and I had a good time there.

I told you in my last blog that we soon move to a new home. Unfortunately our original plans had been destroyed by a real bad real-estate agent. He had verbally promissed us our new appartement and just two days before we wanted to sign the contract he told us that they decided to give it to someone else. So we are now still searching and have some time restraints as we  have  to leave our old place on April 1st ... which unfortunately also makes it difficult for me to plan for the next poker events I want to attend. But we have some new appointments early next week so I hope we can solve this problem soon.


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