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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Going to Dublin earlier than expected

Yesterday evening I got a SMS from AerLingus telling me that my flight to Dublin was canceled due to "industrial actions". Honestly I had no idea what "industrial actions" meant but I understood that I wouldn't fly to Dublin on Wednesday morning as expected.

AerLingus then told me that I was free to re-book my flight at no cost. They reccomended a flight on Wednesday evening but I decided that this was too late as I wanted to play a warm-up tournament and also taking pictures from Day 1A. So I tried to book for the Tuesday evening flight and it went through without problems. Also this one would have cost about €120 more than my original flight it was indeed not charged in any way and rebooking was easily done via the AerLingus webpage. Very good job by AerLingus!

The website also stated more clearly what the problem was. As far as I understand there is a strike of cabin crew members causing them to cancel some flights. So my only problem left was to find a hotel room for  that additional night and I am happy to be back at the Albany House. This was the place I stayed on my first visit to Dublin and I really liked it. Unfortunately never got a good rate since then (and never was back)... but got a very good one for tonight.

So after the first panic has settled everything seems to be fine now with my trip. As with Nottingham two weeks ago you will get live updates via Twitter. You'll find only a few updates on Facebook and of course you will get a wrap up here in the blog.

Oh, btw. I got a nice email from a guy called Michael Duchesne. He had compiled a very interesting list called Top 100 Poker Blogs and told me that I made it into that list (you can find me on place 59 there). I'm of course very honoured but also like to direct you to his list as you will find some very interesting blogs here. He put them in several categories so it should be easy to find the most interesting stuff very fast.


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