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Monday, August 29, 2005

Too much work

I had a tough time in the last weeks. Way too much work. I skipped the $100 Hold'em tournament in Bregenz as well as my usual trip to Kufstein. More worse - I got ill that weekend. Only a few days before my trip to the US.

But I feel better now. My vacation time started today and I will fly to Vegas on Wednesday.
It will be a short stay in Vegas (only two days) and then we will continue for "real" vacation to San Francisco area and Los Angeles. I'm with my girlfriend but we agreed on the following plan:

  • Heavy Poker play in Vegas. She will be at the pool or go shopping - I prefer her doing the first one ;-))
  • One night of Poker in San Francisco - most likely Bay101
  • One or two night of Poker in L.A. Either at the Bike or (despite my bad memories) at the Commerce.

Not too much Poker for a 3-week trip but better than nothing.

Due to some comps from my BJ times we stay in a real great place not far away from the Wynn. I will play the Wynn for cash game and most probably the Aladdin and the IP for tournament. I would have preferred the Orleans over the IP but we won't have a rental car for those two days.
In addition to my Poker times we will go to David Copperfield. For two years now I missed him everytime I was in Vegas (he was on-tour) so I'm happy that we got tickets almost in the front row. This will be a great evening :-))


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