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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Too many events

After a dry time without any interesting events there had been too many events this week.
Originally I had planned to play the Black Jack tournaments in Stuttgart and Baden-Baden but due to much workload I skipped Stuttgart and decided to attend the Black Jack tournament in Kitzbuehl instead of Baden-Baden on the same day.
But two days before I received an email from Horst Koch from the GPPA that he helds a Poker tournament just around the corner in Munich (with a Las Vegas flight as a first prize). So I changed my plans again and went to this tournament. It was much fun as the crowd on these tournaments is always easy going.
Unfortunatly I had a horrible evening and on the first three preliminaries I didn't catch any good cards. On the last try I had a monster run dominating the table. One key hand went like this: I was slowplaying a flopped straight (Queen High) with success as I got one all-in on the turn. I was releaved to see that my opponent only had two pairs...just to see an 8 on the river to make him a full house. :-( Fortunatly on a second look this 8 improved my straight to a straight flush :-)) So much about slowplaying and bad beats.
I went to the final but lasted just one hand. I raised wit A9s. Flop of diamonds with an Ace. Everybody checked to me (I was the button) and I was only called (some folds) with a decent bet, so I was sure that no one held a flush. It was checked on the turn again and I bet some more and everybody went out except one caller. The river brought a 9 to make me two pair. The other guy checked again, I went all in, he called all-in and showed me his rivered straight. Out on 8th place...

At least I had fun, met some nice people and hope to see some of them again at the 4/8 cash game in Kufstein.

On a side note: There had been a €200,- Pot-Limit Texas Hold'em (with Rebuys) in Baden-Baden last week and from all I heard this was a great event. They will have it again on Oct. 28th and I will be there and play my first pot-limit tournament.


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