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Friday, March 10, 2006

Great Tournament in Schenefeld

That was a great tournament! Like Bregenz they are well organized and make you feel welcome. Marcus Jost, the tournament director, took some time to talk to the new people and make them feel at home much more. Seems like they were really surprised about the success of their tournament. Originally it was planned for 50 participants but they extended it to 66 people (11x6). Tommorrows game had a waitlist. All types of players: young, old(er), experienced, novices... Among the players most of the german nations team - including Michael Keiner, Katja from 50outs (and her partner Jan).

I liked the format as they allowed only one rebuy and one add-on (which could be used as a rebuy). Michael and Katja had a tough table as they were seated next to each other with one more member of the nations team on the same table. Katja's partner Jan was seated at my table together with some other guys that knew each other very well. This made it a fun and entertaining table. Due to the position of the table we could be sure that the table wouldn't be broke soon.

The structure was decent with 2000 starting chips and blinds starting at 20/40 (levels lasted 25 minutes). Unfortunatly I didn't get anything playable for a long time. I must have made the impression to be a supertight player. For that reason I collected only the blinds as I went all-in several times later in the tournament. I was shortstacked and supershortstacked for most of the time. To give you an impression how bad my run of cards was: I didn't saw a single showdown until my very last hand! I was happy not trying to force my play with lower quality hands as I wouldn't have succeeded with those hands.

There was just one hand that could have changed a lot if I decided to play it: I had KQ offsuited in middle position. With blinds at 1000/500 and a 4500 stack I was willing to go all-in. Jan raised UTG and another player raised all-in. With just Jan's raise I still considered my all-in but not after the second player went all-in. I folded and LP raised all-in. Jan called. He showed AQ, the second player showed AJ and LP showed AA. Amazing! But this hand wasn't over yet. I don't know the correct order anymore but after the river the board showed 8-9-10-J-Q. A three way split! And my KQ would have won all :-(( But still it was correct to fold here ... how often do hands like this happen?

The blinds increased more and more. Finally I moved all-in with J9o one before the blinds (1400/700 with 4800 left) and got called by the BB with JJ. No help and out on 26th position. (Prizepool was over €16000 with ten places getting paid).
Jan was shortstacked too for a long time but went on a little run after the three way split to recover somewhat. Katja went out in the mid-30's and Michael was still in the tournament with an average stack as I left at 1am. I lasted 4.5 hours and 8 levels but really wished to make it into the money. Not only because of the money but also because it was interesting to play with those people.

I talked to Michael during the break and we had some interesting topics. He gave me some nice insights about what's going on in the german poker scene. I think if you're interested in better and more opportunities for poker in Germany then you should check his webpage in the near future or get on his mailing list.

Schenefeld is definitly one center for poker in Germany ... to bad the Bavarian casinos are so old-fashioned. I'm sure they will oversleep the great Hold'em hype totally :-((

BTW - if you are from Munich it isn't that expensive to get to Hamburg. My dba flight was about €60 and the hotel (Klövensteen) is nice and I got it for €60 (via hotel.de). Non-alcoholic drinks had been free for tournament players. Today they had some small snacks during the break. For the €200/300 tournaments they offer a full buffet meal for free.
First cash game offered after the first table was broke was a 10/20 Hold'em. But they are willing to offer any if there is enough request.

Addition on Tuesday, March 14th: Just read Michaels report and found out that he won the first event. Im really happy for him as he was on a dry run in the past!


Jan "50outs" 6:04 PM  


if I just could remember you...

Anyway, nice report!

Shadow 8:59 PM  

I took your and your friends blinds several times and you can't remember me? That's why they call me "Shadow" ;-))

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