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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

CeBIT time is poker time

Ah that's great - it's CeBIT time and I will be able to play poker again :-))

Some years ago I allways went to the "Spielbank Hannover" during CeBIT for some great BJ. The place was a zoo in that time and they had great conditions. It was the first time I saw a guy winning 5000 Euros and losing them again in about 2 hours at the BJ tables. At this time I was playing 5-120 with cardcounting and managing a 500 Euro win was a great success for me. Well time have changed ... as has the "Spielbank Hannover". They changed to CSM's long ago and the "good conditions" were gone. So for some years it was just CeBIT for me.

Remembering that the "Casino Schenefeld" near Hamburg started with Hold'em not long ago I checked their website and was delighted to see a poker tournament during CeBIT time. I built my schedule around that event and caught a cheap flight (€60) from Munich to Hamburg.

I will play the €100 Event on Thursday and will visit CeBIT on Friday. As these are rebuy tournaments the €200 and €300 events (Fr./Sat.) are currently above my range.
According to the 50Outs blog some notable german players might be there too (like Michael Keiner and some others from the german nations cup team).

I would love to meet Michael in person as we had some nice email conversations in the past. So I hope he will play the €100 event ... wait - did I say that? Am I nuts? Anyway - I encourage you to read his articles (if you can read german) at isa-casinos.de as they are well written and contain valuable information! And I will enjoy the tournament regardless of the competition.


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