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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Almost Vegas

That was tough ... and weird! I played the $24+2 WSOP tournament at FullTilt.
This tourney had 89 players and first place was a $1.500 buy-in for a WSOP preliminary event and added $500 for expenses. Place 2 to 4 paid some small money.

Somewere during the middle of the tournament I lost a coinflip and was down to 90 chips. Average stack at this time was about 4.000. I was able to hang in, increase my stack and made it to the final table.
At the final table I busted one player and became third in chips. Unfortunatly I couldn't get any good cards from there and others doubled and tripled their stacks.
We were down to 4 players (Me about 20.000 / Shortstack 12.000 / BigStack 61.000 and another stack who wasn't important for the hand with about 40.000) as I was dealt 99.
Some betting and raising between me, shortstack and bigstack. I thought about laying down my hand but already commited to much to the pot. And - despite of the small cash win for plce 2 to 4 it was all about the first prize. With the shortstack winning - I would have been the shortstack, with the bigstack winning he was dominating us all.
So I decided for calling all-in (knowing I was probably second or third here). But I didn't expect what happend now:

Shortstack: JJ
Me: 99
Bigstack: TT

Flop came 49J - great I will lose to the shortstack but will win something from the bigstack's sidepot. Turn was blank ... but the river brought the infamous Ten - Good Bye Vegas...


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