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Friday, May 12, 2006

Good results at limit cash games and online tournaments

Not much poker during the last days for me as I was busy with my main job.

But in between I went to Kufstein for a 5/10 limit cash game and made a nice win that night. Do I play better now after taking a break from cash games? I have now idea - maybe it's just normal standard deviation but I felt good during the game (controlling the game and myself).

I played the $15+1 ($10,000 guaranteed) at Pacific for some times now. Usually that one has an $1,000 to 2,000 overlay. Not too good results until two days ago. This felt really good. Smooth sailing in the beginning. No tough bad beats, no heartbreaking wins or losses. Just a steady increase of the bankroll. They started with 599 people with 60 getting paid. Unfortunatly with about 200 people left and having a decent stack I started to get nice playable cards (that's good) that I played as aggressive as always (that's better) but got lots of callers (that's bad) and missed the flop all the times (that's worse). So I contributed some decent amounts to pots that I had to leave early. That's the downside of an aggressive style - sometimes you will shorten your stack without ever seeing a showdown.
With about 70 players left I was severly shortstacked and had to decide to go for it or try to get into the money with less risk. I decided to take no risk and only go for it with really good cards (which I didn't get). So made it barely into the 60 and after that went all-in two times in a row with JJ and AK to double and triple up. At this blind level I still was short stacked but now had a stack that could be used as an all-in threat against several players. I finally went out 31th with a $55 win (30th place would have been $10 more) after more than 3 hours.
Maybe the result would have been better if I went aggressive at the bubble. There was a lot blind stealing at this time. But I wanted to make it into the money. It's just a psychological thing and think it was o.k. this time. Making it into the money after some tough times was far more rewarding than taking the risk (which would have been the better decision in sense of +EV).

Was I just lucky or did my tournament game improve? Again I have no idea. I felt good during the tournmament- that's all I'm sure about. I will play this tournament more often in the future and see if my results in that kind of tournament will improve significantly.
I'm sure my live tornament game is much better since Tunica ... if I now get the same improvement with the online game, that would be great.


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