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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Online challenge - update 6 and some live play

Not too much to report from the last days. Most important thing (at least for me) is the fact that I extended the online challenge. It seems FullTilt is now influenced from the UIGEA and the Neteller situation as well. While it wasn't a problem to get at least one of the $20 "90-player-SnG's" running each evening it's much harder now. Maybe they go now later at night but with durations of up to 4 hours I don't like them starting after 10pm.
So I added regular DS tournaments as well. In the first one ($30 with 276 players) I made a 5th place, cashing $369. After that I played only a few more with no further cashes. So my ROI for the challenge is still in good shape (+284,09%).

My stats are now down to
$23.09 per hour (from $27.19).
ITM 34.48% (from 47.37%)
FT 27.59% (from 36.84%)
WIN 6.90% (from 10.53%)

Tonight I caught the last seat in the Poker-Club $25-rebuy-tournament in Salzburg. Unfortunately nothing went right and I went out 26th of 43 players after 90 minutes. A typical example was a hand simmilar to that one of Farha/Curtis at the WSOP 2005: I raised in late position with 33. Early position re-raised to 3 times my raise. Fold? No way! This re-raise was a clear tell that I was up against AA,KK or QQ. So If I hit the flop well I will get paid off big. Otherwise I'm out. Flop came 973. Bingo! I went all-in and got a call (like expected). He showed QQ ... great! The turn was a Q. Whaaaat! No further help. Seems you have to be Sammy Farha to make plans like this work correctly (he busted Anthony Curtis' Aces with his 44 and a 4 on the flop from the main-event).

Back home sitting at a short-handed Pot-Limit Deep-Stack tournament. Let's see what will happen here...


Anonymous,  3:00 PM  

Hi Shardaw - have a look at the homepage of Casinos Austria. Casino Klessheim offers a € 100 tournament each week (30 players max.)

3000 starting chips and 30 min levels. Should we give it a shot?


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