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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday is here (obviously no poker content)

As some of you may know, I love American Football. And I was betting on the games in the past. Unfortunately my time doesn't allow me to handicap the games anymore and I'm not able to get "arena" (the only station broadcasting some games here in Germany). Good thing that one of the major free networks broadcasts the Superbowl (they also broadcasted the half final).

The two teams in this years Super Bowl haven't be in the final for a long, long time. The Bears are back in the Super Bowl for first time since winning Super Bowl XX in January of 1986, while the Colts will make a Super Bowl appearance for the first time since the franchise, then located in Baltimore, beat Dallas in Super Bowl V. Bears coach Lovie Smith and Colts coach Tony Dungy are the first African-American head coaches to reach the Super Bowl.

Billy Joel will sing the national anthem during the Super Bowl XLI pregame show at Dolphin Stadium in South Florida (becoming the first performer to sing the national anthem twice in the Super Bowl). Cirque du Soleil and Miami-based artist Romero Britto will perform during the pregame show while Prince is set to perform in the in the halftime show.

The weather in Miami will not be what most people might expect from South Florida: brisk winds of 10 mph to 20 mph and temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s are forecast for the game along with scattered showers throughout the day.

The Super Bowl is annually the U.S. highest-rated TV program. More than 141 million viewers watched last year's game in the U.S. Super Bowl XLI will be broadcast to a potential worldwide audience of 1 billion in more than 230 countries and territories.

And if you want to know who I am rooting for this year:

Sorry Carmen for stealing this from your blog!


CarmenSinCity 6:01 AM  

That's okay cause I stole it from Vendela's blog myself. hehehe

Too bad the other team won. Always root for the opposite of who I like.

michanolimit 2:35 PM  

Did you miss the commercial breaks? Here they are:


Great entertainment :-)

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