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Monday, September 17, 2007

Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad is the youngest bracelet winner ever

Congratulations to Annette_15 for winning the WSOP Europe Mainevent and becoming the youngest bracelet winner ever at the age of almost 19 years. The £1 Mio. (approx. $2Mio) she gets for first place is her biggest payday so far and is also the biggest single win ever made by a female at a WSOP bracelet event (Annie Duke won once $2 Mio. at the Tournament of Champions). But the bracelet proofs that she is not only one of the best online players but can compete live too. Of course 362 entrants wasn't that much but the quality of those was tremendous. And Annette Obrestad wasn't shy to compete with those big names. Therefore she eliminated several big name pros's herself including Jennifer Harman and Annie Duke. PokerNews interviewed her shortly after her win. I most like her last answer to the question "what is more enjoyable live play or online" when she says with a smile and without hesitation "live now". I'm sure this won't be the last time we will see her at a final table in a live tournament!

Video found at PokerNews.com


Betfair Poker Player 11:41 AM  

I'd never really heard about her before this win but havng done some research she seems quite an experienced player.

I like the story of how she won a SNG tournament without looking at her cards.

I still think sometimes I would struggle even if I saw the other player's cards :)

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