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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Poker Royale Casino - Night of the busted draws

This was a strange night. As expected the €20+5 tournament had a huge number of mainly unexperienced players that tried their luck before tomorrows team challenge. Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of that and busted 109th of 281. As the days before I lost my AK's but this night I also lost my important flushdraws. The final hand in the tournament went like that: A MP raiser made it 5,000 to go (750/1500, ante 150) and I went all-in with KJ of diamond (10,500 chips) from the big blind. Of course I was called from the raiser with KQ off-suit. Two diamonds on the flop but no further help.

During the cashgame I met Bernd from Salzburg. A guy I know from the Xing poker-forum. It was nice to chat with him while we played the €1/1 NL game. Unfortunately I couldn't win anything here, too. The end came really cruel as it involved AK and a flushdraw as well: EP raised to €4, one caller and I re-raised to €12 from the button with AK of hearts. Both called. Pot now €38. Flop comes 4-6-4 with two hearts. EP bets $20, the other guy folds and I call immediately for my remaining $24. No wonder that he pays the remaining $4 and shows 88 for two pair. Any heart, any Ace or any King will give me a €86 pot (I bought in for €100). No heart, no Ace and no King ... good night!

But to be fair: While I played a good game in the tournament I didn't play well in the cashgame tonight. I played some hands I should have stayed away from. I played the last hand correctly but I may have gotten much more respect with my re-raise and therefore might have been able to take down the pot early. But even if not, it's no excuse for not playing my A-game!


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