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Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 APAT European Amateur Championship

I will be back to Vienna on the Easter Weekend for another tournament. Just two weeks after I missed the money by just two places at the Spring Poker Festival at the Concord Card Casino.

This time I will play the 2008 APAT European Amateur Championship which is held at the Poker Royale Casino in Wiener Neustadt. The APAT (Amateur Professional Association Tour) is based in England with a series of regional events but also adds some national events to their yearly schedule. The event at the Royale will have 200 players and as the name indicates, this one is open to amateurs only (people that don't make a living with poker). Therefore the buy in is a moderate €100 but the structure is very good with 10,000 starting chips and slow climbing 40 min. blind levels - creating a PF=32.96. Due to the structure the event is a two day event and the tour sponsor Blue Square Poker usually adds a little to the prize pool.


Anonymous,  8:36 AM  

Ooooh, dann sehen wir uns aller Voraussicht nach am Samstag sogar mal wieder.
Beste Grüße, Benni

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