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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring Poker Festival at the CCC in Vienna - Event #1

Came back from the CeBIT Tuesday night and flew to Vienna on Wednesday morning. I was quite lucky with my flight because it wasn't one of those being canceled due to the strike in Germany. And even more: The original plane had technical difficulties and they rented one from a spanish airline (including two spanish stewardesses) to make the flight possible.

My hotel is medicore (but costs only €38 per night and is not far from the CCC). Unfortunstely my W-LAN seems to have technical difficulties so I had to find an Internetcafe with wired access.

The €80 rebuy event at the CCC started o.k. for me. Just needed one rebuy and the add-on to go into the 4th level with 10,000 chips (avg. 4,000). I tripled up one time with AK when I hit top pair and raked in another huge pot shortly before the rebuy time was over. This time it was KK vs. JJ and AK (both players all-in).

My table included Stefan Jedlicka (Niki's brother) and Peter Hajszan (floorman of the Pokerroyale in Wiener Neustadt). Stefan plays a very aggressive game and in the 4th level I lost two big pots against him. Both times I hit something on the flop but wasn't able to call his huge raises. The first time I made a continuation bet just to face a raise and the second time I tried to trapp him with a check-raise just to get trapped myself went he went over the top with a re-raise. Beside that I couldn't connect to the flop in level 4 and 5 and my stack went down to 3,600. With blinds 150/300 (25 ante) and an average of 6,000 Stefan raised to 1,500. As said before he raised a lot and could have had anything. But due to the size of his raise I assumed he preferred not to get a call. So I decided to go all-in with my remaining 3,600 with pocket 4's (knowing that he will call this for sure) and hoping for a 50:50 situation. Unfortunately he was holding JJ and I was out on 135th position of 241 players after close to 4 hours.

Waited for the dinner (which is always great at the CCC tournament weeks) and went back to my hotel to have some sleep and come back refreshed this afternoon for the €300+30 freezeout event.


Anonymous,  8:26 AM  

In fact, Stefan is the older brother of Niki ;-)

Benni (from the Dublin trip)

Shadow 11:28 AM  

Thx, changed ;-)

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