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Thursday, May 08, 2008

FTOPS VIII - Event #1 (6-max)

With my WSOP trip just about 3 weeks away I decided that the 6-max event at FullTilt's FTOPS would be a nice tournament to practice my 6-max play. Unfortunately I lasted only one hour and busted as 3151st out of 4158. I didn't get many cards in the beginning but managed to keep my 3,000 starting stack together by taking down and/or stealing some small pots. Then this hand happend: With blinds 30/60 a big stack on my right (about 10K) raised to 180. I found QQ and re-raised to 560. He called and the flop came 7-8-9 with two hearts. He immediately bet 1,100. He most probably was on a flush draw so I went all-in over the top for my remaing 2,500. He called showing K9 of hearts. No heart but a 9 on the river sealed my fate.

While 6-max is a very aggressive game I think calling a re-raises with K9s and another re-raise with a pair of 9's and a flush draw (which even wasn't the nut draw) is ... well ... somewhat optimistic. Too bad he wasn't punished for that play here. A stack of 6,000 would have been very healthy in this phase of the tournament. Instead of going into the break I'm going to bed now.


Anonymous,  2:22 PM  

Well, tough to bust out that early in a tournament, but inevitable after that flop.

How questionable your opponent's call preflop may have been - his agressive play on the flop was perfectly correct: A pair and a flushdraw against a single overpair results in a coinflip (ask pokerstove - your opponent even was a slight 53/47 favourite!), and since there was already a sizeable amount of chips in the pot, none of you could back away.

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