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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My WSOP / Las Vegas Schedule

Haven't played much poker lately as I was focused on our dance competitions that we had in Helsinki, Barcelona and Zurich. We had quite decent results so I'm in a good mood in general. We will have another competition in Winterthur the day before my flight to Las Vegas. So this will be a tough weekend as we have to drive down to Switzerland on Saturday morning, dance our competition and drive back around midnight to catch my flight that will depart 6am on Sunday June 1st in Munich. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to those 10 days in Las Vegas and have fixed my tournament schedule now:

My arrival day on Sunday will be a relaxing day were I just meet some people and look around at the Amazon Room to catch the right spirit.

On Monday I will start my tournament week with the Caesars Mega-Stack Series at noon [PF=23.46] followed by another Mega-Stack tournament on Tuesday [PF=30.56]. Of course this will be skipped if I reach day two of the Monday tournament as all of the Caesars Mega-Stacks are two day events. Wednesday will be relaxing again with a small 7pm tournament at Planet Hollywood [PF=5.75] because I want to start refreshed into the big day on Thursday which will be the start of the WSOP 6-max event #9 [PF=14.93]. In case I don't make it to day two or day three of this event I have the option for two more Mega-Stacks at Caesars [PF=30.56] on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I add another highlight with my biggest Caesars Mega-Stack event [PF=33.94]. Unfortunately my last day (Monday) will only allow for a smaller Caesars 7pm event [PF=8.52] due to my flight schedule on Tuesday.

As you can see I will skip the Venetian Deep-Stack Series completely. Although I love the Venetian pokerroom the Mega-Stack structures are superior and the buy-in is a little lower. I skip the Binions series because the structure is less competitive (although the buy-ins are lower) as well as the Golden Nugget series which isn't appealing to me at all. And of course I skip the Bellagio series because I can't afford to play there ;-)

On those days were I bust out early from the noon tournaments I might or might not play a smaller event (like the 7pm Planet Hollywood tournament) depending on my mood.

I know that this is a very tough schedule and I hope that I can't play all of the events due to the fact that I make it to day two in at least some events (or three at the WSOP). But I want to devote as much of my time as possible for playing tournaments.

I still have some shares left for those who like to invest in my adventure: http://shadowbj21.blogspot.com/2008/04/staking-for-wsop-2008.html. I will accept buyers till next Sunday (May 25th) latest.


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