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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poker Players fall in love with Twitter

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Have you heard of twitter so far? Well, if you read my blog frequently you my have seen the little box in the right column. Occasionally this box moves into one of my posts to live update my tournament play.

Twitter allows you to shout out whatever you like (as long as it is shorter then 140 characters) to the whole world or answer to other peoples shouts. Hopefully you find people that get interested in your shouts and follow you on a frequent base. Of course it helps a lot if you frequently talk about something specific and interesting. Hard to keep peoples attention if you only twitter about ordinary days happenings (e.g. having breakfast, going to work, going to bed). On the other hand doing something like living the life of a professional poker player seems to be far from ordinary.

While for some time poker players seemed to ignore all this technical stuff this has changed recently. The number of known players that have their own blog or can be found at Facebook is getting bigger and bigger.

The newest toy is definately Twitter. Just recently a list of Pros who use Twitter was posted at the Poker 2.0 blog. You can find names like Phil Hellmuth, Liz Lieu, Annette Obrestad, Annie Duke, Tiffany Michelle, Joe Sebok and many others on the list. In addition there are several reporters (like BJNemeth) and organisations (Pokernews, WPT etc.) twittering around.

So beside useful and fast informations about the pokerworld and current tournaments you can find a good number of hilarious stories which are just fun to follow. Recently during the WPT Bay 101 tournament Joe Sebook tried to convince Amanda Leatherman to appear naked in front of the final table. The online negotiations went as high as 50K for that. Obviously it didn't happen ... but you never can be sure with Joe Sebok involved ;-)

So grab a twitter account and start to find people to follow. And if you get too many to follow grab a tool like TweetDeck and group them for better visability.

My pokerlife is not as interesting as the life of the pros but you may follow me on twitter too if you like: @ShadowBJ21.


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