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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 2009 WSOP structures are just "WOW"!

Harrahs and the WSOP are often beaten for just being interested in milking players. You all may remember the discussions about the delayed final table and many other "highlights" (cards, tent etc).

But it seems this time they really got the best of it. They upped the starting stack again by 50% and added some additional levels. For example the $1,500 events now get 4,500 chips and have an added 75/150 level as well as another level at 1,200/2,400(300).

So how much does this change the structure? If I haven't miscalculated it (and I checked twice) the 1,500-Events now have a Patience-Factor PF=27.94. Not only are they now in direct competition to the well designed deep-stacks at Ceasars and Venetian. It's also double to what it was last year (PF=15). Away from a crappy structure back to a real championships event. Expect a lot of Qualifiers and first timers overplay their stacks in the beginning. Also there's still luck involved we might see again the rise of the pros in all the WSOP events.

But the new $1,000 event is now the big crapshot with "only" 3,000 chips? You will be surprised: For this event they brought back the 25/25 entry level which translates to an amazing PF=28.77.

The $2,500 six-handed offers a whooping PF=41.66

I still can't believe the numbers ... but others came up with the same results. Congrats to Harrahs and all that made this possible. This can become the best WSOP ever!


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