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Monday, April 06, 2009

Another final table and a lesson about the context of information

I made it again! The fith time I played the Pokertour.at series and the third time I made a final table here. Went into Day two as 10th in chips out of 20. So there was no need to rush things but also no reason to fold my way into the money. Lot's of options available.

Quite early I got a huge present. Finding AA in middle position there was a raise to 6,000 at the 1,000/2,000 (200) level. I reraised to 20,000 and it was folded to the raiser. He thought for a long time and finally went all-in (he had about 5k more then me). I called in a split-second and he asked surprised "so strong?" showing AK. He later told me that he would have folded this against many other players but not me ... because he had seen some weired moves from me last year at our final table in Linz. Funny that he can remember my moves but forgot the context they were played in. If he did, he would have known that I was dead serious about my hand. I doubled up to around 100k and he went out one hand later out of the money.

From there it was an easy sail to the final table keeping my stack between 100k and 150k. Still avoided the coinflips and played good textured boards very strong. Unfortunately I went into a dry run of cards at the final table. I was still able to make some moves but never really came across the 150k border.

At the end we reached the 5,000/10,000 (1,000) level with six players left. My stack was down to 85,000 chips and the blinds came around again. Still no good cards so I tried a move with a suited one gapper and ironically ran into aces of Peter Hoellhuber again. The same kind of exit against the same player then at the final table in Linz. History repeating ;-)

But I learned another lesson about the context of information and how it can hurt if you miss the context. The other players later told me that they didn't put me on a big hand because it was the first time I went all-in directly but had always only raised to 20K or 25k before. Good observation ... but they missed the fact that this was with blinds of 4,000/8,000 and/or a stack of more then 100k. It didn't matter against the aces here but could have hurt me against other hands as my opponents made wrong assumptions because they were ommiting the right context.

So 6th place paid €1,055 plus a €220 ticket to the final in Vienna in December. Overall I am very satisfied with my performance in these two days. Great poker with only one single lucky strike. Next stop ... not sure yet. Will let you know soon.


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