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Thursday, April 16, 2009

WSOP 2009 ... I will be back to Vegas in June!

I had to solve some things in advance but now the trip is finally booked. I will be in Vegas from June 7th to June 14th. And I got a real bargain as I found a flight from Munich to Vegas for just €409. The lowest price I was able to get for years. It's not a short trip as it takes 18 hours via Amsterdam and Detroit but this price is worth the slight detour.

I also got a good rate for my hotel room. I had booked a non-pre-paid rate early enough which was a good idea. Now the same room would be $20 more per day. I will stay at the same place then 2008 again (the Grandview) as I liked the huge suite-like design of the room. It's a bit outside, south of the airport and close to the new M resort. But this doesn't feel like a downside to me. Driving back and forth often helps to clear the mind.

Most probably I won't play a WSOP event (also the improved structures look very good) because it's still not really my buy-in range. But again the Venetian DeepStacks and the Caesars Mega-Stacks are running. The detailed plan for the Venetian is already published. In addition I saw some non official plans for the Mega-Stacks and it seems that they match the buy-ins of the Venetian for the same days. So at the end it will be a decision of personal choice (I like the room at Ceasars more) and structures (which are not out in detail yet). In addition there is a series at the Golden Nugget with buy-ins as low as $240 (Venetian & Caesars start at $340). Even the series at Binions is back. The buy-ins are even lower then the Nugget but it doesn't look like Binions structures meet my requirements.

Of course I will sell some of my action at ChipMeUp. So far I have put in four events of the "Mega-Stack Series".

So it's just 52 days from now until I will be back to Vegas. And in case I hit big I reserved myself another week of vacation ... so I might be even able to extend my trip. I'm really looking forward to this as this will be again my personal poker highlight of the year.


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