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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day at the Rio

Yesterday I didn't play a tournament but took my day to follow the action at the Rio. Obviously I choose a very interesting day with several german players, Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke and some real drama.

If you like to read about it you can find the whole article (unfortunately available only in german) with some pictures here at Pokerfirma.de.

For those who can't read german her are at least some nice pictures from yesterday:

WSOP Reporter BJNemeth (@BJNemeth) capturing the Bracelet.
His georgeous pictures can be found here!

Daniel (@RealKidPoker) at the Omaha H/L.
Figuring out if he got the High, Low or the whole enchilada

Joe Sebok (@joesebok), Amanda Leatherman (@MandaLeatherman)
and the Pokerroad-Team who provide us Pokerroad-Nation

And finally: The hallway...

... and the Amazon Room waiting for the players

I'm now heading to the Venetian were my next Deepstack Event will take place at noon (9pm CET). As always you can follow the action on Twitter and buy some shares on ChipMeUp until the start of the event.


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