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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My last big tournament in Vegas is over with no cash again

So that's it. No more of the big ones (two day events) as I have to leave on Sunday. As intended I played the Caesars and I am happy with my choice ... even without a cash. At least it was a decent ending for a tournament week.

Even after changing the structures a little and getting rid of the main-event seat the Caesars struggles in numbers of participants. 154 showed up that day and made it 18 paid spots. Still a nice 9k payday for first place. In general I like their payout structure more. 18th place here got around $700 while the Venetian just paid $450 (a next to nothing win).

As always this week I was running hot early with great cards but then struggled again for some time. But this time I hit really hard two times in the middle of the tournament and made my way up to 46k. One was a KJ that I had raised and got a reraise from my neighbor. He did this quite often so I decided to call here and see the flop. Flop comes J-J-x and the hand cost him almost all of his stack with pocket kings. The next one was really nasty. I made a raise with 23s and got one caller. Flop come 2-3-8 and the pot starts to grow. I assume that he has a pocket pair Ten to Queen. Turn is a 7. Don't think that hit him. River is another 7. Damn, my great two pair are counterfeit and I am most probably behind. Let it go or push it? My remaining stack was still big enough to push and the pot was already huge ... so I pushed and continued to make an impression that I have a monster. He finally folded ... phew!

Some time later I was involved in a big pot were my flush didn't materialize and I had to let my hand go on the river. Down to 33k. Overplayed that hand somewhat. But still over the average of 25k.

Blinds were now at 400/800 (100) and I got some hands but missed every flop. Down to 23k but still o.k. Then I received AK in MP. Guy in early position makes a huge overbet to 4k and I assume he has either AK or a middle pair. So I try to get him off his hand by pushing all-in for my remaining 23k. Taking down a 6,200 chips pot would have been more then fine for me here.

Then something strange happens. He looks at his cards and almost mucks them as the next dealer approaches the table. So he asks the current dealer "you are leaving now? Then I call because you have given me good cards so far". Indeed he got good hands from that dealer as he came short at the table and had been doubled up at least twice since then. So he calls with 66 for his remaining 18k and doubles up again. :-(

Now I have just 4,500 left and find a decent spot to get them in with J9o. I get callers and a shot to qadruple up but fail to hit the board. Out in 70th after 6 hours of play. Had a real shot to make it here but there wasn't too much I could have done different. Not the best game I ever played but very decent.

Later that night I went back to the MGM for some cash game and made another nices win. Could have been even more if my straight wouldn't have been run into a baby flush.

So for today there's most probably no more tournaments. I checked the regular events and their structures aren't good but the payouts are even worse. Most have a fee of 25-35%! So I most probably play a little more cashgame and check out the action at the WSOP again for the last time.


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