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Monday, August 10, 2009

Next stop Pokertour.at at Lake Woerth (Austria)

Just came back from a great but mentaly exhausting non-poker weekend. We had a very motivating training with the national Boogie-Woogie team and are now even more hyped to dance the World Championships in two weeks in Stuttgart (which are part of the GOC - German Open Championships).

But before that I will come back to my most successfull tournament series so far - the Pokertour.at. This time the event will take place near the scenic Lake Woerth in Kärnten, Austria. Good to be back as I missed some of the other events this year due to conflicting appointments. I'm already qualified for the finals in December (which unfortunately forces me to miss a very important dance competition) but those events are still valuable in structure and prize money.

But that's not all for August. In three weeks I will be back to Nottingham for the APAT - WCOAP World Amateur Poker Championship at the Dusk Till Dawn. I'm really looking forward to this too. Not only is it again a great structured event but the DTD is a great place that saw one of my best performances at the end of last year.

Much more events to come in the next months but I will keep that for later posts.

Just to remember that if you want to play the IPO - International Poker Open in Dublin you should act soon. Although this one happens in October seats sell fast. For Day 1B (Saturday) there are now only 32 seats left. For Day 1A (Friday) there are 338 left. Expect it to sell out completely in the next 2-3 weeks. Another 300 seats are currently reserved for satellite winners and most probably won't be publicly available at any time. And don't forget that the german speaking players want to meet Thursday evening at a pub in Dublin. So if you go to the IPO let me know!

Just a short look back: Last weekend I made a visit to the CCC in Salzburg which had a Deepstack tournament. They got 146 players and paid 15 spots with first getting about €8.000.

I had a good start there busting an overly aggressive player with my JJ who decided that he had to bring his almost equal stack to war with AK. The action was three limpers in front, I then flat called my JJ and he raised it to 10x big blind (3k at this time). Everybody folded to me. He had made this over-raising move several times before and I assumed that this was again just a steal attempt.

Usually I would have re-raised him to 9k here but with a 20k stack that didn't make sense. So I moved all-in on him directly (putting his tournament life on risk ... as well as mine). And he immediately called. Ouch! That wasn't the reaction I had expected. But to my delight he showed a much overplayed AK. Don't get me wrong: His raise was a decent move with that hand (he was indeed much stronger then I had expected) but calling my all-in with just AK was a horrible move with his stack at 150/300 blinds and 45 min. levels. The board was meaningless for both of us and I was up to 38k.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make much out of this stack. Another guy busted two players in one hand shortly after and now had almost the same stack size. He was picking on me as I had forced him earlier to fold the low full house on an 8866x board. Everytime I raised he was in the hand ... and everytime I missed the board completely. After a time this got very expensive and my stack finally went down to 15k (while the average was up to 25k).

Then I found a spot were I was able to fight back because I had a strong draw. Unfortunately this spot was badly chosen as he had a monster this time and I was drawing dead when the money went in. Went out in 67th place satisfied with my game in general but unhappy about the way I played my exit hand. This exit was avoidable!

Went on the the cash game and doubled my stack after about three hours. Still not enough to make up for the investment but at least a positive ending of the weekend.


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