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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip to the APAT Amateur Worldchampionships - Day 3&4

Unfortunately there's not so much to talk about on my last two days. The saturday tournament saw me absolut card dead from the start. I never caught a break and finally ran my short stack with AJs into AK ... resulting in a very early exit.

The Sunday tournament was somewhat better. Didn't get many decent cards there too in the beginning but due to the better structure (5k startingchips and 30 min. levels) I was able to hang in longer to finally take down a decent pot with a set of aces. In addition I won a weired hand with KQ (hitting my Q) that got more expensive then I wanted. When my opponent called my last bet I was sure that I was beat but the guy folded after I revealed my hand and I took down a rather big pot.

Too bad this was the last good hand for me in that tournament. I got 9's once but had to let them go against a Lady's all-in. She was short since I came to the table and folded her way through the game. Quite sure my hand wasn't good against here at that time. So with just 11k left in chips (my highpoint was at 15k) and blinds at 300/600 (50) I got JJ in first position. I shortly considered going all-in directly but decided then to just bet 1,500. We had a lot of medium- to short-stacks at our table and I hoped for one of them trying to go all-in and getting me off the hand. I got my all-in from a stack just a little bigger then mine, I called and it was again a race vs. AK. So going all-in directly most probably wouldn't have made a difference here anyway. I think you already know what happend then? After losing an importent race with AK at the main-event I now lost it against AK. Seems I just was mostly on the wrong side of the coinflips that weekend.

So I went out in 23rd of 65 players (7 got paid) but wasn't unhappy with my play in general that weekend. I'm still ahead at the Dusk Till Dawn due to my third place finish last December but of course I would have loved to cash this time again. I was close two times and was also close to make Day 2 in the main-event.

I played a few hands with Maria Demetriou on my first tournament (even got her off a nice pot). Unfortunately I played with her only for a short time as our table was broken early but she seems to be a very nice person. In my last tournament I missed to play with 2007 EPT Baden winner Julian Thew as he busted right before I was moved to his table.

Now I'm heading back to Munich playing our Xing tournament tonight. Doesn't look if I will make it to win the Bahamas trip (too much points needed) but it's still fun to play with those people.


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