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Thursday, September 17, 2009

IPO Dublin - unofficial "come together" on Oct. 15th

As Benny is already advertising our "come together" for german speaking players in Dublin:

If you play the IPO - International Poker Open and like to attend our "come together" please contact me at shadowbj21@googlemail.com so I can calculate how many seats we have to reserve at the pub on Thursday evening (Oct. 15th). I will then tell you the exact time and location.

This is a special un-official "come together" of all german speaking players attending the IPO!

In case you plan to play the IPO but haven't registered so far I reccommend you do so as soon as possible. Day 1B is already sold out and Day 1A has only a few seats left. There will be absolute no possibilty to buy-in on-site! Also there's only a few days left (till end of the month) to earn 1,000 extra chips by playing at Boyle and accumulating 250 player points.

If you didn't know already: I offer some shares for the IPO at ChipMeUp. So feel free to lower your variance ;-)


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