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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Freerolling into December

A lot has happened in the last few days in poker so it's definately time for a new blog entry. Let's start with my personal things:

Went back to Kufstein again and went card dead in the tournament again. There was only one remarkable hand: A pair of 3's that improved to quads right on the flop. I didn't get a big payoff in the tournament but one beside the table! The Poker Royale in Kufstein is having a big €200+20 Deepstack Event on Dec. 19th/20th and currently quads or better get you a draw on the lucky wheel. You can win satellite entries und up to an entry to the event itself. Guess what ... I hit the main prize. So on two weekends in December I will play two deepstack tournaments for free: First the Pokertour.at finale in Vienna (at the CCC Prater) on Dec. 5th and then the Poker-Kings Mainevent in Kufstein two weeks later.

On the other hand cashgame is still running rough for me. After losing a big pot last week with a set vs. a guy who couldn't be departed from two pair (that improved to a full house on the river) I had two similar occurences this time: KQ hit a set of Queens on the flop and my opponent pays all streets down two the river just to hit another eight to his two pockets and make the full house. A little later A9 hit a set of 9's and it was paid all the way down until he hit his gutshot straight on the river. Of course all those hands involved big pots. Hard to be ahead if you lose those hands.

Anyway it's part of the game of poker and after reviewing the ESPN broadcast of the final table I again realized how lucky (or unlucky) some players had been there. Just two decisions (Ivey's JJ vs. Saout's 77 and one hand were Begleiter mucked the winner after a river bet) could have had changed the whole outcome of the final table. But again poker is so much easier with visible hole-cards ;-)

BTW, I really like how Ivey looks back at his infamous mucking of the winning flush on Day 8. Of course it was a mistake but he's still not regreting anything after he made it to the final table. He just says that "all things would have changed and nobody can tell if for better or worse". I love this attitude! You don't know what he's talking about? Then you should definately google the phrase "butterfly effect".

The WSOP is just over and there is already big news again: Jeffrey Pollack is leaving his position as the WSOP commissioner. That's really sad to hear. In his 4.5 years on board he truly became the public face of the WSOP and turned many things to the better. The WSOP wouldn't be so strong and popular as it is today without him. It will be hard to fill his shoes here. Especially as he always was a great middleman between the players and the "greedy" corporation. Rumors are that Mitch Garber will take this position in the future and I really doubt that he is that player friendly. But it's to early to say anyway.

Below there are Parts I-III of Jeffrey's exit interview he had with WickedChopsPoker. At the beginning he doesn't deny a rumor that the huge Pavillion (were the interview is held) maybe the new main space for the WSOP. That would mean on the other hand that at least for 2010 the WSOP wouldn't move to the Caesars as expected. As always the WSOP is over but the tension for the next WSOP is already rising.

Part I

Part II

Part III


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