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Sunday, November 22, 2009

You have to see this hand ... unbelievable!

I am not very often posting hand histories in that blog and I don't like to moan about a bad beat but this one is really sick:

And right in the next hand against the same opponent:

I'm still speechless...! Well, not really. I am well aware that I am currently in a real "bad streak". I don't get any hands either live or online and if I get one it doesn't connect in any way. Oh, and in case it connects I am rivered for sure.

I know this can happen and I know this can last longer than one might think. I had this during my Black Jack times too (and not only once). It seems that the bad luck follows you everywere. Change the Casino - doesn't matter. Change the city - doesn't matter. Change the country - doesn't help either. These are the worst times a Poker or Black Jack player can have. But standing on the very dark side of variance doesn't last forever. It's just hard to stand up long enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This tournament (only a $3 rebuy on Stars with a 90K prizepool) seemed like that light. In fact I got not many but some very interesting hands and options to make it to a quite decent chip position (around 779th of 2,936 left from the 8,873 total). Still a long way to go but this finally felt like a tournament were you can achieve something ... until those two hands. That's what hurts most: show you the light and then brutally switch it off. Seems I have to wander a little longer in the darkness of negative variance.


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