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Sunday, December 06, 2009

No luck again at the Staatsmeisterschaft

Upon my arrival I met Jessy, a good friend from the dance competition scene. We had some nice talk about our last dance competitions and of course poker too. At the end she and her dad were so kind to give me a ride to my hotel. Unfortunately the hotel was a real dissapointment. I know you can't expect much if you look for a cheap place to stay but that one is very basic. At least it includes free internet access.

I was really motivated for the event but again I couldn't make it to Day 2 of the Staatsmeisterschaft. A total of 211 players were registered (194 showed up) to create a prizepool of €42.200. Among those trying to survive until the last 21 will make the money were some friends that I met at the IPO (Reinhard Schneiber from Austria and Thomas S. from Munich) as well as Peter Haszjan from the PokerRoyale.

I started at the same table with Reinhard and Peter and it was a decent start. The 45 min. levels and the 10k startstack were tailored for quality poker play. Although I didn't get too many playable hands I was able to pumped up my stack to almost 13k in the first two levels. Despite the fact that the CCC Prater is very smokey, the aircondition is very bad and I had a light headache this seemed to become a good tournament day. Until ...

... the "call of doom" from tournament director Jonathan Luetkenhorst that forced me to change tables. The new table was a tough one as they already lost four players. I was seated left of the chipleader with almost 40k in chips. But to make things worse I went on a dry run of cards. It doesn't get worse? It does! On the seldom occasions were I found a hand I wasn't able to connect to the flop at all. My once decent stack went down to 8k until the first break.

After the break things didn't ran better and I reached my low at 5k. With blinds already 150/300 (25) I went into push and fold mode and was able to get my stack back to 10k. Unfortunately this was only a short intermezzo. The dry run went on and with blinds 300/600 (75) I was down to 6k again. Finally I took a shot from the button with two suited live cards and ran into AKo from the big blind. With a flop containing two hearts I was in a decent position to more then double up but turn and river bricked and I went out in 127th.

That's poker. I didn't make any stupid mistakes during my play. I never missed a golden opportunity and at the end I was just on the wrong end of a coinflip. I definately had worse tournaments. Still dissapointing that I couldn't make a decent result for such a long time now.

But there's still another big one around the corner for this year with the Poker King main-event in Kufstein on Dec. 19th & 20th. It's not over till it's over... ;-)

Tomorrow evening I will play the €20+5 1RB at the Montesino to end my short Vienna weekend.


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