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Friday, December 04, 2009

Staatsmeisterschaft at the CCC in Vienna tomorrow

This will be a very short trip to Vienna but I'm still looking forward to it because I'm quite proud of making it to the finals two years in a row.

This year was even harder as I had only two shots. I really love the Pokertour.at series as they still offer great structures for a decent price. So I originally aimed to play as much of the events as possible. Unfortunately it turned out that most of the events happend the same time I had a dance competition. Therefore I skipped every event except of two (St. Poelten and Lake Woerth).

The good thing was that I made the final table already on the first one in St. Poelten and received the ticket for the final. Even better: the buy-in was a birthday present from my girlfriend. It was a really nice present as she isn't into poker at all.

Unfortunately this present turned out to force a tough decision from both of us. Later the year the date for the german boogie-woogie championship in Augsburg was announced and it fell right on the same day as the pokertour grand finale. Usually we have an agreement that dancing competitions have priority (that's why I missed the 2008 IPO) but this time it was different as I had won that ticket already. It was still a heartbreaking decision for both of us but we finally decided that I will play the Staatsmeisterschaft in Vienna.

Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow for an extended trip to Vienna. So I will take the train tomorrow morning. Thanks to a "Bahncard" I received from my company I can travel 1st class for the same price as 2nd class :-) So expect me to arrive at the tables well rested and refreshed! Of course I hope to play on Day2, too ... but if not I might play a smaller event at the Montesino on Sunday evening. I will be back early Monday morning. Got a cheap flight with AirBerlin that allows me to be in Munich on time for my computer training at 10am.

I don't know if I can provide live twitter updates this time. They moved the event to the Concord Card Casino Prater and I don't know yet if they have W-LAN there too. But anyway I will find a way to keep you updated about my Vienna weekend.


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