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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Exciting News regarding the European Deepstack Poker Championships

Just two weeks before the start of the European Deepstack Poker Championships in Dublin there are exciting news in regards of the event. It all started with two tweets from Liz Lieu that appeared in my twitter stream:

The EDPC will be renamed Chilipoker Deepstack Open? Wow, what has happend here? Anything wrong with the event? Of course I immediately contacted the EDPC organiser Mike Lacey and got in contact with Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO from Chilipoker. And what I heard were really great news as obviously Mike made a very good three-year sponsoring contract with Chilipoker.

Now the EDPC becomes part of something new and much bigger. Chillipoker plans to run a new tour called Chilipoker Deepstack Open with tourstops in France, Hungary, Morroco and Germany in addition to the Dublin event.

No exact dates and locations so far but the plan seems to be to offer tournaments in the same style and buy-in as the EDPC does. That means this will become a high-quality series with a medium-sized buy-in (most probably they keep the €500 buy-in for the main event). They also announced that the Dublin event will be getting much bigger in 2011. Most probably about 1,000 players instead of todays 400.

But I am most excited about the fact that they will have a tourstop in Germany. I'm curious how they will overcome the burocracy here but I am sure they have plans how this can be done.

So the main-event of the EDPC III is now called Chilipoker Deepstack Open Dublin to reflect the fact that it is the first leg of this great new series.

It seems that this will be a very interesting trip to Ireland this year. Despite the fact that I am happy to play in Dublin again I'm also curious to meet Mike and the folks of Chilipoker in Dublin to hear more about their great new plans.


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