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Friday, January 15, 2010

Please donate for Haiti earthquake victims

If you don't live under a rock you have surely heard about the big earthquake that happened in Haiti. Lot of destruction has been happened in one of the poorest countries in the world. Ten thousends of people have been killed by this 7.0 earthquake and even more have been injured. The infrastructure is severly damaged and even hospitals are destroyed.

Help is needed and those who can't help on site can still help with a donation. Again PokerStars is one of those who not only calls for help but still does so on their own.

First they offer two easy ways to donate money from your PokerStars account (this is not a referral link, just a link to the official PokerStars information page!). You can transfer money to the account "Haiti Fund" or you can use one of the dummy tournaments in the "Specials" section to donate by registering for $1 up to $1,000. Please be aware that these aren't actual tournaments and  they are just used to collect the money.

But PokerStars doesn't stop here! All money donated will be matched by PokerStars and then be transferred to the RedCross. So any dollar donated is actually worth two dollars.

Everybody should help. If you play poker there's almost no excuse not to donate - even if it's just as little as $1. If enough people donate small money it will still add up to big money. Donations can be done until January 31st.

Edit: Just have made been aware that FullTilt is going the same route. For donations via FullTilt you can also do a transfer ("Aid for Haiti") or donate in one of their "No Play Tournaments". In addition they have some special tournaments were they donate the fee. FullTilt is also matching all donations.


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