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Friday, March 19, 2010

Still alive and back online

Yes, I'm still here! :-) We finally moved in our new place and then I had to mess with the telco company for four days until they finally managed to get us back online. "Please Wait.... No, I can't do anything for you..., That's the way it works - there are no exceptions... No, I can't connect you to the other departement or my boss... No, it isn't our fault"- Ah, I really hate that!

But now we are back online and I am currently in Vienna. As we have a dance competition tomorrow I had planned for some time already to play the €50+7 one rebuy tournament at the Montesino today. So it was a nice twist that I read this week that Sandra Naujoks will be there too and that there's a €500 bounty on her. Should be an interesting evening.

Beside that I am still very vague with my plans at the moment. I definately won't make it to the EPT Snowfest also it's very close to were I live, I definately will miss the Chili Deepstack in France due to other appointments, I most probably skip the UKIPT Nottingham (also I would love to come back to the Dusk Till Dawn) and I really hope the Poker Royale Kufstein will get their troubles fixed soon as I want to play the Deepstack main-event on easter sunday.
So keep the fingers crossed that I still know how to play poker ;-)


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