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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Deepstack in Kufstein tonight

Sandra Naujoks at the Montesino
There wasn't anything to win for me in Vienna at the Montesino two weeks ago. Two guys chasing their draws until they hit on the river and one bad call of my own made me last not too long. Sandra Naujoks lasted about an hour longer but wasn't able to follow the success of Erich Kollmann (the first who won his own bounty at the Montesino).

It was a strange weekend anyway. Our car made troubles on the trip to Vienna and we used a good portion of our time there to find out what the problem was. At the end we left the car in Vienna and changed to a rental car. Our car was sent back to Erding three days later then.

The only thing that went quite decent was our dance competition. We had a good first round but gave away some spots again in the second round. But it was a good start in the new season if you consider that we had no time for practicing our stuff.

Tonight I'm finally back to Kufstein. I had to miss the last Deepstack as it happened on the weekend of our move but I will enjoy tonights event. Again 20k Chips and 40 min. levels will make up for an interesting evening. I know some good friends are there - so it will be fun anyway.

Will try to do live updates again via twitter. So check out @ShadowBJ21 beginning 7pm CET tonight if you like.

If you can read german you might have a look at another site until then. A friend of mine started his own project called Pokerkalender.at. His page offers a lot of information about upcoming tournaments (live and online) as well as live reporting from big events and many more stuff. Still a page in development but already worth to check out.


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