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Monday, May 10, 2010

Still on a semi-break but at least some poker and more plans

Looks like I'm still on some kind of a break. It's a mix of too much work as well as still running bad in Poker.

Last Monday I went back to the Poker Royale in Kufstein after some time and played the Deep&Turbo. Had a good start but finally missed out on a key hand with AK (flop AKx) in a 3-way all-in pot. Against 66 and KJ another 6 on the turn sealed my fate in that tournament.

Even worse I lost a key hand in the following cashgame under similar circumstances. Again it was AK (this time suited) and again a 3-way pot of almost €120 (in a 0.50/0.50 game!). I had hit my nut flush-draw on the flop but failed to improve.

Played the PokerStars SCOOP 19-L last night and was running quite good for the first few hours. Unfortunately one "not so good" played hand and one really bad played hand pushed my stack below average. At the end an AJs nut-flush draw couldn't improve against AQo and I failed to double my shortstack. Went out after 4.5 hours around 5,400st place of over 16,000 total.

So what are the next plans? Of course I will play both Hold'em events next weekend during the "Survival Festival" at the Poker Royale. So great they picked up the idea I brought back from Ireland some time ago. Will be fun to see how their variation of the increasing blinds plays out.

It still seems that I will miss out on the WSOP this year. Running bad in poker and having an expensive move isn't helpful for expensive travel plans. So I either have to win some decent money soon or find a faithful sponsor ;-)

Not sure how many events of the Pokertour.at I may be able to play this year but if possible in any way I plan to go to the event in Pörtschach at the nice Lake Woerth.

But for sure I will be back to Nottingham and the Dusk Till Dawn in August. The APAT (Amateur Poker Association & Tour) is back to Nottingham with the World Championship Of Amateur Poker in Nottingham (WCOAP). Not only I am now registered for the main-event but also take part in two great side events. The first one is my favorite game ... the 6-max. Good thing the Poker Royale has a 6-max running in their weekly schedule. So I get an option for some practice. The other side-event won't be less fun ... the heads-up. I played heads-up online for some time and of course during some final tables - in ancient times ;-) but I never played a live heads-up tournament before. Really looking forward to that trip!

Maybe I will play some more SCOOP and/or MiniFTOPS but will decide usually only shortly before the event starts.

Thanks to all who are still reading my blog. But I think you all can understand that there are times were it might be better go a bit slower than usual.


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