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Friday, June 18, 2010

It's done ... I'm registered for Namur

All is set and I will play the Deepstack Open Main-Event in Namur Belgium on Day 1b (July 30th). It's all planned to make it an enjoyable weekend. I was lucky to reserve a room at the Beauregard Hotel (which is located in the same building as Casino Namur) early enough at a rate of €60 / night.

The event will have a maxiumum of 250 players per starting day and I would wonder if they don't sell out. 50,000 Chips is a lot of starting stack to play with. But don't get fooled - you have to play and increase your stack otherwise you might be the shorty when you play for the money.

The biggest challenge will be the balance between increasing your stack and not getting drawn into too expensive adventures on Day1. With the 50k stack and 1h levels your startingstack is worth a M>20 till the 10th hour of the tournament. That's a lot of time!

On the other hand: looking at the result from Dublin the money was reached during the 20th hour of play but with an average M=12.92. Hard to say but I excpect the last 3 levels before the bubble to be the most crucial point of the game.

Casino Namur & Hotel Beauregard
Anyway ... I'm looking forward to that event and hopefully there will be W-LAN reception to keep you updated via Twitter. For those who want to get more excitement you can buy some shares for this event on ChipMeUp. A share of $16 is worth 2% of my action. With a $62,000+ first prize your share could be worth over $1,200.

Of course I will try to write a report about that event on Pokerfirma.de. So if you are a player from Germany, Austria or Switzerland attending the event please let me know.


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