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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Soccer half-finals Germany vs. Spain (no poker content)

Honestly, I'm not a very big soccer fan but worldcup is always something special. Even more at times were Germany gets a deep run. And much more when they play some of the best soccer ever seen.

We had seen the game against England in Berlin. Great game and great place to watch. When they destroyed Argentina we were together at the Boogie Baeren Clubhouse. The german team can be really proud about what they achieved so far (and especially the last two games). Still feeling somewhat sorry for Argentina. They are a great team and it's tough to get beaten that badly. Sad to hear that Maradonna resigned from his job ... a personality really to be missed at the 2014 worldcup on the south american continent.

Siemens Soccer City, Munich
Not sure were to watch the game this time but I'm thinking about "Siemens Soccer City" in Munich. The place reminds me about my first public viewing. Guess what - it was the euro 2008 finals Germany vs. Spain (in front of the Vienna city hall). Spain still owes me a big afterparty since then ... so this would be a good time to pay back.

We got our revenge for the Wembley goal, so why not just add revenge for the lost euro 2008? ;-))) After Brazil was kicked out of the worldcup I thought that Netherlands vs. Germany would be a fun finale. The Netherlands already did their part for it ... now it's our turn!

Octopus Paul decided for Spain ... must be a good sign! Why? Well, he was almost perfect in 2008 predictions. Except for the Germany vs. Spain finale (he predicted a german win). He's perfect until now in 2010. So it's time for his usual one time error ;-)


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