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Sunday, August 01, 2010

No side event fo me ... major failure by the casino

As you have already read in my last post I wasn't very exited how the casino in Namur treated the players. But it even got worse!

"Zille die Brille" last german standing
For the side event they just provided 7 tables! They had more tables available but it seems they didn't had enough dealers. What? They host an international event with over 500 players in the main-event and don't keep enough dealers for the side action? You think that is awful? Well, there is more to come: 11-handed tables (horrible for a structure wise good event). The waiting list (about 100 people long) was opened after the first level (with already 40 minutes into the game) and just a few more went in then. The responsible floormen didn't care at all. No official announcements - not even in french.

I am feeling very sorry for Michael, Brian and the team from Chili Poker. There's now a lot of players that are angry on them (because they are the official organisers) but you could see that there wasn't much they could do about it (except skipping Namur for the future). I am really looking forward to Vienna. I'm absolute sure that the Montesino will be a much better and appropriate host for this event!

On the good side I had time to support the last germans in the field. Two of them made it into the money. Heinz Traut went out in 36th place for €1,450 but Rainer "Zille die Brille" Ziermann survived Day 2 and played with the last 24 on Day 3. Unfortunately he was quite shortstacked and went out early on Day 3 in 19th position with 99 vs. QJ.


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