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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too sad ... no Day 2 for me again

Cologne in the early morning
In the beginning all looked perfect. I had a nice trip to Namur with an ovenight stay in Cologne. Arrived on time and even got my hotel room before the 2:30pm start.

Then I got the first cooler: The table draw put me into the 10-seat. Not only do I dislike that seat (as probably most people do) but it got me limited view to two key players on my table. In seat 1 there was a guy who later went on tilt after a bad beat and started to over-raise and over-reraise a lot. To make it worse in seat 2 was the table chipleader who also liked to re-raise a lot with his big stack.

So from the beginning this was a tough table and I never was able to get a decent stack together. I went down to 40k in the first few hours. Then back to 48k hitting my set of Kings on the flop. My opponenent had raised pre-flop and then just called my re-raise. He then bet the flop again with 4k. I reraised him to 15k assuming that he had aces. As he only had about 10k left after calling my bet this would have been a good spot for him to push. Unfortunately he folded after a long time in the tank.
Namur Main Station

Then I went into a hand with a female asian player. I tried to bluff her from the hand but unfotunately she had flopped a baby straight. Well played by her. Bad mistake by me. That hand brought me back down to 40k.

From there nothing went right anymore. I got nice (but not very good starting hands) but either didn't connect to the board at all or hit what was most probably only second best hand.

So without losing any big pots my stack dwindled down to about 18k after 7 hours of play. In the 300/600 (75) level I finally picked up AK in the big blind and got presented a great opportunity: Mr. Tilt again raised to 2.5k (a very decent raise for him btw.). Seat 3 re-raised to 4.5k. Everybody folded to me. Mr. Tilt wasn't the problem. He could have had anyting. But Seat 3 had a hand for sure. But as he has acted against Mr. Tilt it was a wide range of possible hands and I figured that I am 50:50 against him here. So I pushed all-in and Mr. Tilt immediately folded. Seat 3 thought for a long time but finally decided he couldn't fold his Q's. Bordeline decision in my opinion as this was my first all-in move and he put half of his stack on risk. I was fine with the coinflip as a win would have brought me back to over 40k.

One half of the tournament room on Day 1b
Well, let's put it that way: There was indeed an "Ace on the River" ... but it didn't help me as the guy already had hit his set on the flop. Too sad :-(

So I may play the first side event tonight but it depends on how many players will bust out. At this time only 60 seats are assigned and I am number 46 on the waiting list. So let's hope they bust out quickly ;-)

Namur Old Town
Namur seems to be a nice old city but the Casino has seen better days for sure (as well as the hotel). But you can always present things in the right light to let them shine (see below).

While the structure of the event is absolut great the local organisation has some real loopholes. Having dealers on an international event that don't even understand english spoken numbers or the word "call" is an absolute "No-Go". The registration for the side-event is nearly impossible as the local people from the casino (who manage the registration) seem to be absolut uninterested. I think you can't blame the people from Chili Poker and D4Events for that. They are doing a great job. But it seems they had to give up a lot of the "daily business" to the local casino for some reason. And that's exactly were the organisation gets worse compared to Dublin.

Still enjoying my time and hoping to get into tonights event...

Casino de Namur at night


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