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Monday, November 29, 2010

"Poker City Masters Munich" ... I mean Kufstein

There are occasions were you may think that something is really doomed. Moving the "Poker City Masters" to Kufstein was a good idea in general but nobody expected that the weather goods also dislike the game of Poker.

144 players (mostly from Munich) made it to Kufstein despite the icy roads and a 20 km traffic jam. Good move by the Poker Royale to push the starting time another hour to 9pm.

It was a great tournament and I had a very good start. Several small to medium pots pushed my stack from 15k to about 30k. But then I missed a big pot when my smallstack opponent called my all-in on the turn with his two pair vs. my nut-flush draw. Back down to were I had started.

Unfortunately I was card dead from there for a long time and finally pushed with AJs against a bet and a call. It was a good move as I made a pair of Tens fold ... but it wasn't good enough as AK called and finally got the rest of my stack.

Went back the next day for the big stack tournament but didn't make it very far there. After being up somewhat I lost a big pot with my Full House vs. Quads. While it is unfortunate to lose that way it was avoidable re-thinking the texture of the board and the betting patterns.

Looking forward to the "Poker King Week" were I will play the Udo Gartenback Bounty event on Thursday as well as the main event Day 1B on Saturday. See you there!


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