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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Next year will be better ... at least I hope so!

It's again that time of the year ... were you start to look back and forward. Evaluating what has happened and planning what to do or to change for the coming year.

I must admit that 2010 wasn't a bad year in general. There had been a lot of good things - like finding a new and bigger home - but in regards of poker this year unfornuately started like 2009 ended. And to make things worse I had to skip my annual trip to Vegas in 2010. I really missed that week during the WSOP. I also missed all stops of the Pokertour.at due to schedule problems with my dancing. So in general (and not only due to the lack of good results) I played much less poker that year then I hoped to do.

So it probably isn't a big surprise that I hit another low in blog posts this year (just 27 ... 28 with that one). But no fear ... I plan to continue with my blog. If I can realize a trip to WSOP 2011 (which is planned of course) you may expect a lot interesting blog entries again (despite other trips to be planned)!

And I am quite optimistic in any way for 2011. The year had a bad start but it started to went better in the second half. I had some nice cashes and wins (especially in Kufstein) but also had a quite good run at the Deepstack at the Montesino in Vienna. Yes, I missed a cash but making my first Day 2 in a bigger event after about 18 months was indeed some kind of success. If you didn't went to that bad times you can't imagine how good it feels that just a few things start to fit together again.

Therefore I got some of my optimism back. And I realized again how important it is to be in a good mood and fully focused on your game. So I have some plans to secure that I am perfectly conditioned for every tournament I play in 2011. This includes good body condition as well as the right mindset.

And there are already two nice events fully booked for early 2011. From January 21st to 24th I will be back to Nottingham for the Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix. It's only a €100+15 Buy-In but they expect about 800 players (creating an 80k prizepool). And as to be expected from the Dusk Till Dawn the blind schedule looks very good including 10k starting chips and 40 min. levels.

And just to weeks later (Feb 2nd to 8th) I will be in Dublin. The European Deepstack Poker Championship IV will be the biggest EDPC ever held. They have space for around 1,000 players and over 350 seats are sold already! The location will be again the Ballsbridge Inn.

Beside that I am already planning for a possible Las Vegas trip. Due to my other scheduled events it looks like I will go more close to the end of the WSOP this year instead of the beginning weeks. But I am sure there are more interesting events coming up between February and summer. So stay tuned for more events to be added ... and of course reports from my two trips in early 2011.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ... and as always many good cards - as long as you are not sitting at my table ;-))


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