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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to Rozvadov after two years and cashing again

It now nearly two years that I went to the Kings Casino in Rozvadov. At that time Deepstacks with a buy-in of €275 (and especially a guaranteed prizepool of 50k) were very rare everywere around. Unfortunately I wasn't running good in that event and left after only a few levels. At that time this one was a two day event and as I had booked my hotel anyway I came back the next day for a side-event ... and took it down :-)

Unfortunately they changed that 50K event to a higher buy-in, mad it a one day-event and even a second chance. With deepstacks and better structures emerging around everywere there was so much to play in closer distance that I didn't came back to the Kings until last Thursday.

As you may have read in my last blog I'm a bit dissapointed how the tournament scene around Munich is developing. Regular events are losing quality and the big ones get destroyed by places fighting each other. Therefore it was time to check out the Kings again.

Daniel Dawid is their new Pokerroom-Manager and he's the guy who was responsible for making the Poker Royal in Kufstein successful. And by checking out the regular tournament plan I could see that he's already working on some postive changes.

With all the informations and structures available on the webpage it is quite easy to compare the tournaments and I decided for the €135+20 with 12k chips and 25 minute levels. It suited my style of play best although none of the other tournaments is bad either. Unfortunately I choose a day with only 22 participants (while they usually have 40+ in that tournament). But wait, unfortunately is the wrong term here ... with a €5,000 guaranteed prizepool that was a nice overlay for those 4 making it into the money :-)

The tournament was played in the separate tournament area (only the final table took part in the main casino). It's very nice there also it was a bit cold during the first levels. And I was running cold too. Seemed like I always became just second in a race. At the end I decided to take my chances and was all-in with a flush-draw vs. a set. The flush hit and I was back in the game. From there things went much better and I was able to get as high a 39k with average around 20k. From there it went down again but I still made it to the final table. First I doubled a small stack, then I doubled myself and left the immediate danger zone. So I was able take my time and see others bust. With 5 left I went against the guy who I had doubled early on that final table. We both held crap (I was in the big blind and there wasn't much to pay to cover his all-in) but I was slightly ahead. He busted and we were down to 4 and ITM.

Shortly after we made a deal that granted me €1,000. Three of us were almost equal in chips and the chipleader held more than 50% of all chips. Placement was made by chipcount and I came finally third in this tournament. Unfortunately it's one of those tournaments I ranted about in my last post. So I only got €650 in cash and a €330 ticket for the big Saturday tournament. It's fine for me to play the Saturday tournament again as it has a great structure but I stand by my attitude that I would prefer cash in general!

One word regarding the so called "Second Chance" (an option for most King's tournaments). This is not like a single rebuy (or even the possibilty to start with a double stack). It's only an option to go to the cashier after you busted, buy-in again and get a new seat assignment. So playing this like a regular freezeout is no problem here (especially as very few take the second chance).

Going to Rozvadov two times and cashing both times is a very good rate ;-) although I doubt I can keep it that successful I will be back on March 26th to use my ticket in the Saturdays 50k guaranteed.

With an almost 2-hour drive this is definately not the closest option to play. But they offer good tournaments, free drinks, free food (buffet), free wireless-lan so there's no reason not to go there on occasion again!


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