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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The 50K guaranteed at the Kings and some major changes to my blog

I went back to Rozvadov two weeks ago but it wasn’t meant to be my day. I was really waiting for that weekend to use my €330 voucher and play the 50k guaranteed after such a long time again but it was one of those days were you never had a chance.

I started very well with AA on my very first hand and continued with some nice moves but from there I either got nothing at all or tried my best but wasn’t able to connect with the board. Too bad as this was a table that could have been outplayed easily with my style of play. Good number of people that loved their own traps so much that they wouldn’t see the moment being trapped themselves. Unfortunately for that kind of play you need a good/strong hand once in a while … and more unfortunately I never got one.

Therefore it was all over after around 4 hours and I left about 82nd of 120 players, took my time at the nice and free buffet and went back home way too early.

But there’s more coming up in the near future and I’ve finally learned that you just have to accept that days like this happen – as well as days that work the other way round (and are much more fun of course).

Time to look forward to the next big event which will be the Austrian Deepstack Poker Championships at the Montesino in Vienna in mid April. Another super deepstack with 60 min. levels and 50,000 startchips (organized again by Mike Lacey and D4 Events).

After that nothing big is planned for now … until early July. Because we now have finalized and booked our summer holiday. And beside two weeks in Denver, Yellowstone, Seattle and Vancouver (most probably without poker at all) the trip includes almost a week in Las Vegas with at least two Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza tournaments.

So there will be still a lot interesting poker content coming up in the next months. But theres much more to happen. My blog will see some major changes. If you accessed my blog via my homepage adress http://www.fifthstreet.biz then you can see those changes already. If you are using http://shadowbj21.blogspot.com you are reading this text still on the old blog.

Because the first important change is that I finally moved to Wordpress. Blogger is nice and it was able to suit me well for a long time. But with the changes coming up I didn’t feel comfortable with blogger anymore. I won’t delete the blog immediately but this will be definately the very last entry here. So if you like to continue reading then you have to switch over to the new blog.

After you switched and I assume you did so at least by now ;-) you will see that there is a new design … hope you like it :-) This will allow me to use Wordpress not only as a blog but as a whole homepage with extended functions. By using http://www.fifthstreet.biz you will always reach the new homepage. But you can of course access the blog directly. But there it depends on your interest what link to use (I will give them to you at the end).

Because the next important change is that I won’t limit my blog to straight poker content anymore. I think that limiting my blog to just poker is like cutting a picture into pieces and just framing only one part of it. I have so many other interests (e.g. technology, dancing) that are part of my whole life and of course have an influence on the poker part of this life as well. I assume that this is the major reason why I started to get a bit tired about blogging in the last time.

My twitter account isn’t limited to poker for some time now and the same will happen here. On the other hand I understand that there might be people out there that may be only interested in the poker content – and there’s nothing wrong with that. So all of my posts will get a category called either poker, social media, dancing or personal life. So if you are not interested in all the stuff you can jump directly to the category you are interested and only read the appropriate content … but I assure that you will miss something if you do so ;-) I will try to focus on on topic per post but on occasion will do some crossposting (having posts with more than one category). Of course it’s an interesting experiment and I will take my time to find out how this works out.

I have migrated the old content and re-categorized all my posts (thanks to Wordpress’ import/export feature that was quite easy). But there might be still some posts that need some manual work in design. So bear with me if you browse the archives and find something badly formatted.

Finally here are the links you can choose from: 
http://www.fifthstreet.biz will lead you to the homepage (this one will take some time until the change is active!)
http://blog.fifthstreet.biz will lead you to the whole blog directly
http://poker.fifthstreet.biz will lead you just to the poker related blog posts

Don't forget ... this will be the very last entry here. All newer posts can only be found in the new blog!
And now … enjoy!


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