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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hands to remember

In Poker there will always be hands you remember for a long time.
I had three of them during my last tournaments:

A bad beat:
Down to the final table in a satelite for a major tournament. One more had to leave and all other would qualify for the main event...Shadow has A,K suited and raises. All others fold except of the Big Blind. He wents "All-In" obviously trying to steal my raise.
His chip stack is at the low end and he is may be on of the weakest on that table. All the others with short stacks are much more difficult to play. So I call.

Big Blind has A,7 suited. Great - I'm a 70% favorite. Flop and Turn don't help. Now 84% fav. River comes: 7 of diamonds. :-(((( Now I am the one short stacked - and out one round later.

But bad beats can go in both directions: Cracking A,A with A,7 is nice (more than 80% underdog) - especially when you're "All-In" pre-flop (major mistake at this time) and make it a straight on the River. Unfortunatly: 1 hour later I got it the other way - my Q,Q was beaten by 10,10 with a 10 on the River. "All-In" and out :-(

A poker dealer told me once: "In Hold'em No limit Tournaments luck will get you to the final table but skill is what you need to get the money". Well, not only luck - but there is plenty of room for good & bad beats during a tournament.


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